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 Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu

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PostSubject: Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu   Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu Icon_minitime1Wed 12 Sep 2012, 7:49 pm

Name of Technique: Thunder Paw
Type of Jutsu:Offensive
Nature Type:Lightning
Description: The user makes the appropriate handseal and then his feet and hands are covered in lightning chakra giving his attacks deadly piercing strenght.

Name of Technique: Lightning bolt
Type of Jutsu:Offensive
Range:short-long range
Nature Type: Lightning
Description: The user makes the appropriate handseals and then fires bolts of lightning from his fingertips

Raiton: Yari no Ikazuchi "Lightning Release: Spear of Thunder"
Rank: B
Class: Offensive/Hidden Clan Jutsu
Hand-seals: Rat → Bird
Description: The user stands completely still as he conducts lightning chakra through the ground via his feet. Momentarily after, lightning will pop up below an opponent, on his blindside, and shock his feet, damaging them severely; upon contact the lightning will partially paralyzing that area for two turns. The amount of lightning depends on the amount of chakra exerted. When the user performs this technique, his feet glow blue w/ static around it.

Izakuchi no Kyouran "Thunder's Fury"
Rank: B
Class: Offensive/Hidden Clan Jutsu
Hand Seals: Rat-Monkey-Bird-Dog-Ram
Description: This jutsu is, for all intents and purposes, a javelin made of natural lightning. It forms in the user's hand and takes good chakra control to maintain. It can be used as a spear; however, the longer one holds onto it, the more dangerous it becomes. If still held after a single turn of use, the user will experience burns on their hands. Any more than 3 turns and the lightning becomes erratic, usually running down the user's arm and frying the nerves, leaving it useless for the remainder of the battle.

Dageki no Raijin "Strike of the Thunder God"
Rank: A
Class: Offensive/Supplementary/Hidden Clan Jutsu
Range: Short-Mid
Description: This technique wraps natural lightning around the fist and feet alone. Once the user punches or kicks something the lightning will be released into the opponent giving them a powerful jolt of electricity. The user can also fire them as balls of lightning at an opponent but they have to maintain control of it until it strikes or it will simply leap to the ground as lightning is prone to do.
This jutsu is a double-edged sword and cannot be maintained for very long (3 turns) or the unstable, unpredictable lightning will begin harming the user. The first turn after the limit, the user suffers third degree burns to the hands/feet from the heat of the lightning. Any longer than that and the user will suffer terrible, almost irreversible nerve damage. The user also cannot perform any other jutsu while maintaining such fine control over this jutsu.

Rakurai Otedama "Lightning Game of Juggling"
Rank: A
Class: Defensive/Offensive/Hidden Clan Jutsu
Description: This jutsu allows the user to "absorb" lightning attacks launched from their opponents, or themselves, and course it through their body by channeling it with their own chakra, storing it for later attacks. Constant movement of some kind is required to use this technique in order to keep the lightning flowing. Should the user stop the lightning would unleash itself upon their own body, so KEEP MOVING! Multiple bolts of lightning can be absorbed in this way, for an arsenal of lightning coursing through your body, and they can be ejected with a single thought, and can be brought to the surface to block against attacks. With higher ninjutsu and lightning, this jutsu can be enhanced to the extreme. This technique is quite versatile, however it requires such constant manipulation of chakra that it doesn't allow for any other jutsu to be performed during its use. Should the user attempt another technique while performing this one, the constant flow of lightning would be disrupted by a change in the chakra flow, unleashing itself upon the user and electrocuting them. This technique can only be maintained for up to 3 turns before the lightning unleashes itself upon them. It's HIGHLY recommended to use the stored lightning for an attack before time is up.

Raigen Kiri "Lightning Rain"

Rank: A
Class: Offensive/Hidden Clan Jutsu
Hand-seals: Ram → Horse, then Bird to expand the lightning ball.
Description: After weaving the first 2 hand-seals, the user concentrating lightning chakra on his hands in the shape of a ball. The user then shoots it upwards, weaving the last hand-seal to manipulate it. By dividing it's girth exponentially, the user makes it implode, shooting out a large amount of lightning needles, "raining" down on the battlefield. The girth of the area affected by this technique, is dependent on the amount of chakra poured into the attack.The lightning, as a conglomerate, is capable of severely shocking the opponent's body, and paralyze him at the same time. However, the user must be careful, he himself does not get caught up in the area affected by the jutsu.

Sage Mode Jutsu

"Bakudan no Ikazuchi" Thunder Bomb

Rank: S
Class: Offensive/Hidden Clan Jutsu
Hand Signs: Ram-Rat-Tiger-Boar
Description: User focuses natural lightning into an orb in their hand. Once thrown, the user must maintain control over the orb with their chakra (does not mean it can change direction) so that it doesn't immediately ground itself.
At the user's command, the orb will explode into a dome of destruction about 4 meters in diameter.

Name of Technique:Lightning Aura
Type of Jutsu:Defensive/Offensive
Nature Type:Lightning
Description: The User covers his entire body in lightning chkra, giving him an increase in speed,strenghth,and defense
Weakness:Wind, If activated longer than two turns it begins to destroy the users body slowly.

Name of Technique: Lightning Release: Lightning Aura: TWin Blade Assault
Type of Jutsu:Offensive
Nature Type: Lightning
Description: While in lightning aura form Taimak makes the above handseals ad creates two blades of lightning extending from each on hos arms. Thes bldes are very powerful and can easilt cut through metal,rock, sand, diamond and most armor. Lasts for 2 posts.
Weakness: Wind. Takes alot of chakra.

Weapons/Items:Denkusei Ryuu (Daul Blade Death)
Name of Weapon or Item: Denkusei Ryuu (Daul Blade Death)

Specialty Scroll

Age: 33
Size: Collossal
Unique Traits: Enhanced speed
History: N/A
Available Points:400

Speed: 200
--Movement speed: 100
--Reaction speed: 50
--Agility: 50
Strength: 60
Vitality: 50
--Stamina: 25
--Durability: 25
Chakra: 50
--Chakra Control: 25
--Chakra Amount: 25
Ninjutsu: 0
Genjutsu: 0
Taijutsu: 40
--Hand to hand: 40
--Weapon Mastery:

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Sozaku Furashi

Sozaku Furashi

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PostSubject: Re: Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu   Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu Icon_minitime1Wed 12 Sep 2012, 7:57 pm

Approved and heres the chart

• D-rank, 1 C rank <1-30>
• C-rank, 2 B rank <31-60>
• B-rank, 3 A rank <61-80>
• A-rank, 2 S rank <81-99>
• A-rank, 4 S rank <100>
• S Rank, 1 SS rank <101+>

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PostSubject: Re: Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu   Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu Icon_minitime1Thu 13 Sep 2012, 1:03 am

Approved Approved

Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu Kyubi
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PostSubject: Re: Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu   Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu Icon_minitime1

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Taimak Wanshu-Tatsumakigakure Jutsu
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