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 Training Area - work out [OPEN]

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Tondaka Natsuiga

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Training Area - work out [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: Training Area - work out [OPEN]   Training Area - work out [OPEN] Icon_minitime1Fri 14 Sep 2012, 4:23 pm

The day was rather silent after the commotion of one of the higher ranking Jonin's had a small spar with a genin. As the excitement died the crowd dispersed and went on with their day leaving the training area rather barren. The only sound the faint cracking of super heated rock breaking in the distance. The area was incredibly hot, though the people living here had become custom to it, though even if someone wasn't you wouldn't sweat for it would evaporate before becoming noticeable.

In the distance a man could be made out, his body blurred from the heat that rose off the rock floor. As he entered the training area it could be noticed it was Kanda Uchiha-Yotsuki. A rather intimidating man for he had a cold look to his eyes, a chilling determination that seemed to never waiver. His long, deep purple hair hung low on his back as it was tied into a loose pontytail, the loose strands blowing in the light breeze the differing temperatures created as the heat rose to touch the cool atmospherical temperature. The man was rather good looking but he hardly seemed anything less than serious, his lips a constant apathetic line of minimal amusement.

He stopped at the center of the training area, eyeing over the torn up floor that surely was caused my Sozaku's certain overpowering strength against the less experienced opponent. Oh well, surely the genin would be stronger for the lesson, if the child even survived. He shrugged to himself, finding that he hardly cared whatever the outcome was. He checked around him, noticing there was no body, he guessed it was going to be a solo work out til someone arrived, god willing they would be interested in sparring. He rolled his shoulders a little, loosening up the joints and tendons. He allotted himself with a simple stretch before his work out.

Letting his upper body fall forward he caught himself by the tips of wide spread fingers for easier stability. Strong arms brought his body upside down and and a perfectly straight line, held up by his fingers. He began to lower himself slowly before pushing back up, doing hand stand push ups knowing he wasn't the strongest of his peers though he prided himself on being rather well balanced in most skills except his heavy devotion to speed. He would get stronger no matter what, no one could stop him from becoming as strong as Meiji.
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Training Area - work out [OPEN]
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