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 Warzone Rules & Rewards

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Sozaku Furashi


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PostSubject: Warzone Rules & Rewards   Tue 18 Sep 2012, 4:49 pm

Battles taking place in the warzones follow a set of rules that are different then normal battles. Because of this the rewards for warzone battles are also higher since there is a greater risk involved.

1.) All warzone battles are considered to be death enabled which means your character can die even if it is against your will so enter at your own risk.
2.) All warzone battles are to be categorized as plot battles which means you gain more levels for participating and each battle shapes the plot of the site.
3.) You can only take part in 1 warzone battle at a time. Since you are only one person you can only be in one place.
4.) If your character dies you can make a new one but they wil have to start off as a Genin, however the levels gained from the fight that you died in will roll over to your new character.
5.) There is also a risk of being captured. If you are captured then you cannot post in your village for a week but you can attempt to escape from captivity and outsiders can help with this but it must take place in the village you are being held in.

+5 levels for showing up in a warzone battle
+5 levels for killing an enemy ninja
+4 levels for completing the mission objective
+3 levels for capturing an enemy ninja
+3 levels for escaping captivity
+3 levels for defeating a higher level enemy ninja
+2 levels for fighting an enemy ninja
+2 levels for participating in a site plot battle
+2 levels for defeating an enemy ninja
+2 levels for being on the winning side of a battle
+2 levels for fighting on the disadvantaged side
+1 level for fighting on the side with more ninja
+1 level for retreating from a fight
+1 level for being on the loosing side
+1 level for failing mission objective

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PostSubject: Re: Warzone Rules & Rewards   Thu 04 Oct 2012, 8:40 pm

West Forest Of Death Level Rewards- Cleared By Sozaku and Demonwind

Storm Country

Sozaku Furashi +40 (You recieved the maximum amount of RP level rewards. Keep up the good work, plus levels for controling all the NPC's flawlessly during the battle.)
Kanda Uchiha Yotsuki +20 (You were absent completely during the major decisive battle so you did not recieve the maximum amount of levels you could have which would have been 30+)
Taimak Wanshu +29 (Side Note: You originally to gain 33 levels but 3 levels were deducted because you know why. 1 levels was taken away because of your rp performance. Autohitting and Godmodding were seen. Dont let it happen again or you will loose more then 1 level.)
Kanato Makato +26 (You did well except you did not fight any acutal ninja. You still completed the mission objective and recieve good Rp rewards.)
Cross Kyrio +28 (Same as Kanato)

Heat Country

Takashi Hayashi +36 (Good job. You received the Maximum number of Rp reward Points which was 20. Keep up the good work.)
Ayane Takeda +25 (Side Note: You were not involved in any actual combat so you did not receive the full amount of levels you could have which would have been 29)
Kaito Kyoshi +29 (Side Note: Just like Devashi Rebel a level was taken away though yours was merely because of Autohitting. Try to avoid it in the future. Also your sword needs to be "re-calibrated". The effects are to stiff for the level points put into it. Please contact a GM to work it out.)
Could Kurioarashi +22 (Side Note: You were absent through most of the thread so you did not recieve the full amount of points availible, which would have been 26)
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Warzone Rules & Rewards
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