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 Katsumi Ran - Jigakure, Heat Country

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Katsumi Ran - Jigakure, Heat Country Empty
PostSubject: Katsumi Ran - Jigakure, Heat Country   Katsumi Ran - Jigakure, Heat Country Icon_minitime1Wed 19 Sep 2012, 3:55 am

Name: Katsumi Ran
Nickname/Alias: (Character Nickname)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (Make it appropriate for your rank)
Age Appearance: (The age they look)
Sexuality: (Straight, Homosexual)

Village: (Village they are from)
Birthplace: (Where they were born)
Organization: (If apart of a secret organization not including ANBU)
Path: (Path your character is on)

Clan/Bloodline: (Clan bloodline name)

Rank: (Character Rank)

Chakra Nature: (Character Chakara Nature. Can only have up to 3. You start off with only one)

Appearance: (Description or Detail)

Personality: (Whats your character like)

History: (History of your character)

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Katsumi Ran - Jigakure, Heat Country
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