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PostSubject: natsu   natsu Icon_minitime1Sat 29 Sep 2012, 2:01 am

Name: (natsu hayashi)
Nickname/Alias: (avotosh)
Gender: (male)
Age: (15)
Age Appearance: (16)
Sexuality: (Straight)

Village: (Morigakure)
Birthplace: (unknown)
Organization: (i am a loner besides being in demonwind18s clan)
Path: (blood)

Clan/Bloodline: (Jikan-me )

Rank: (genin)

Chakra Nature: (fire)

Appearance: ( )

Personality: (split personalitys 1 withdrawn and less talkitive usualy wereing sunglasses to hide his blood red eyes 2 happy always talking haveing fun and very crazy )

History: (i dont remeber my past but i can remeber wakeing up bleeding from multipul wounds then finding demonwind18)


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