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PostSubject: Thread Log   Thread Log Icon_minitime1Fri 21 Sep 2012, 12:37 am

The Thread Log is where all the fights/ICthreads in the ROTBI org are cleared. In other words, when you finish a fight or a IC thread, post a link to it in the correct format, and you will gain levels for it. In this way, your character will grow in power from the experience he gains in the fights as well as interactions he has throughout his ninja Career.

Levels are given out w/ these factors in mind: RP skill, length of battle, result of battle, in-battle RP, effort, character growth, story progression, character work and character interactions. While you can post unfinished threads, keep in mind that you won't get much from them. Lower levels will gain levels easier, while higher levels will have more difficulty.

Thread Mods
  • Admin (Of course)
  • Sozaku Furashi
  • Demonwind18
  • DevashiRebel25

Quote :
(Insert level and faction)

Link to thread:

Result: (Insert name of winner. FIGHTS ONLY)
Comments (Insert anything extra):
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