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 Clan Application Template

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Clan Application Template Empty
PostSubject: Clan Application Template   Clan Application Template Icon_minitime1Sun 02 Sep 2012, 4:45 pm


[b]Clan Information[/b]

[b]Place Clan Name Here[/b][/center]

[b]Bloodline Name:[/b] (What is your Bloodline name?)

[b]Elements:[/b] (Does your Kekkei Genkai utilize a certain element(s)?)

[b]Specialization:[/b] (What kind of specialization(s) does this clan use?)

[b]Physical Traits:[/b] (What are some physical traits everyone has?)

[b]Location:[/b] (Where is the location that this Clan was born?)

[b]Clan History:[/b] (What is your clan’s history.)

[b]Bloodline Ability Description:[/b] (What is your Bloodline Ability? Be very descriptive.)

[b]Drawbacks:[/b] (What are the drawbacks of your Kekkei Genkai?)

[b]Members:[/b] (Use the list code to list your members, update it whenever a new member joins the clan. Lastname, Firstname)

[center][b]Clan Jutsu; Max=clan members X4[/b][/center]

[b]Nature Type:[/b]
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Clan Application Template
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