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 Jin Morimoto - Hyogakure - Frost Country

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Jin Morimoto - Hyogakure - Frost Country Empty
PostSubject: Jin Morimoto - Hyogakure - Frost Country   Jin Morimoto - Hyogakure - Frost Country Icon_minitime1Mon 01 Oct 2012, 3:10 am

Name: Jin Morimoto
Anbu Name : Zero
Gender: Maybe
Age: 17
Age Appearance: 22
Sexuality: Straight

Village: Hyogakure
Birthplace: Frost Country
Organization: Anbu Black Op
Path: Blood

Clan/Bloodline: Herogami Clan

Rank: Anbu Black Ops

Chakra Nature: Earth , Fire

Appearance: Mid tall about 5'9 a young teenage boy about 17 years old with red eyes and black spikey puffy hair... anbu mask on with the outfit.. and 2 katanas with one giant fan.

He holds 2 of the swords on his back

A scythe Jin can call upon when he needs it ... he does not have it sheathed on his body


Personality: Jin is a very keep to himself kinda guy. he acts like he has no emotion and rarely ever smiles. he adds smart remarkes often and likes to toy with people in battle

History: Jin was a young boy when he became apart of the frost country. He was originally from the heat country but when he was 7 his parents were killed and he was kidnapped by the frost country. He was unaware of what happened cause he was in a coma. He woke up one morning in snowy town. He became an orphan and was raised with 8 others boys and girls. Thus being the youngest one of the orphans his dream was to be an anbu. Not knowing where he was being raised at in orphanage all his brothers and sisters became Anbus before him. When he was 11 years old he lost his eye sight and his eyes turned black. He saw only black and white and he suddenly was able to multiply himself 8 times with real clones. Whe hes done he suddenly could see normally again. He set out to be an Anbu and left the village for a long period of time. He became an Anbu at age 13 and was the youngest anbu in the organization. He saw each brother and sister assinatied out on mission. His orphan sister also died in his arms on a mission. By the age of 16 he became the leader of a special division and took on the name Zero to hide his identity from every country. Including the Frost country.

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Jin Morimoto - Hyogakure - Frost Country
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