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 Character Application Template

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PostSubject: Character Application Template   Character Application Template Icon_minitime1Sun 02 Sep 2012, 2:29 am

Be sure to title your character application with the name of your character as well as their village. (First name,last name, Village) Copy and paste the template and fill out all sections. Be as descriptive as possible. Better Apps will warrant more levels and stat points.
[b][u]Name[/u][/b]: (Character Name)
[i][u]Nickname/Alias[/u][/i]: (Character Nickname)
[i][u]Gender[/u][/i]: (Male or Female)
[b][u]Age[/u][/b]: (Make it appropriate for your rank)
[i][u]Age Appearance[/u][/i]: (The age they look)
[i][u]Sexuality:[/u][/i] (Straight, Homosexual)

[b][u]Village[/u][/b]: (Village they are from)
[i][u]Birthplace[/u][/i]: (Where they were born)
[i][u]Organization[/u][/i]: (If apart of a secret organization not including ANBU)
[b][u]Path[/u][/b]: (Path your character is on)

[b][u]Clan/Bloodline[/u][/b]: (Clan bloodline name)

[b][u]Rank[/u][/b]: (Character Rank)

[b][u]Chakra Nature[/u][/b]: (Character Chakara Nature. Can only have up to 3. You start off with only one)

[b][u]Appearance[/u][/b]: (Description or Detail)
[spoiler][IMG]URL HERE[/IMG][/spoiler]

[b][u]Personality[/u][/b]: (Whats your character like)

[u][b]History[/b][/u]: (History of your character)

[spoiler]Path Name:
Rank: Genin

Speed: Novice
Strength: Novice
Vitality: Novice
Chakra: Novice
Ninjutsu: Novice
Genjutsu: Novice
Taijutsu: Novice
Primary: Novice

Name: (Character Name, Should be in first to last format. If including a nickname to this secion it should go as follows; First Name "Nickname" Last Name)
Nickname/Alias: (Character Nickname, This can also be an alias or title given to them by the respective Kage. Like how Lee called himself the Handsome Devil of the leaf.)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (The age of your character be sure to make it appropriate for your rank)
Age Appearance: (The age they look)
Sexuality: (Straight, Homosexual)

Village: (Village they are from and are apart of)
Birthplace: (Where they were born)
Organization: (If apart of a secret organization not including ANBU such as the Akatsuki. A organization not apart of a village. This is for Missing Ninja only.)
Path: (Path your character is on. Thier primary skill such as Blood path and Sage mode. For more on paths click go here Path System)

Clan/Bloodline: (Clan bloodline name. For mor on clans and such please go here Clans)

Rank: (Character Rank. Genin, Chunin, Jonin etc. goes here. For more on Ranks please go here Ranks)

Chakra Nature: (Character Chakara Nature. These are the elements that your character can use. Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, and Air. Can only have up to 3. You start off with only one)

Appearance: (Description or Detail. Pics can work too. They arent required but it is a plus to add both a picture and a description.)

Personality: (Whats your character like. You should describe their personality on and off the battlefield along with how they interact with others. The more you put in this section the easier you make it for someone to interact with them.)

History: (History of your character. Your history should be long and extensive depending on how old your character is and what rank they are. Your history should answer the following questions;
What was thier childhood like?
What where thier parents like?
What age did they graduate the academy?
what age did they ascend to the next rank?
what were the exams like for them?)

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Character Application Template
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